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In the fashion concept of modern urbanites, scenery and light are a combination of rhythm. The proper arrangement of light and the spatial structure of the natural environment, the use of concealing, revealing, suppressing and raising, fully embodies the oriental civilization of traditional culture, reproduces the dialectical relationship of the humanistic atmosphere, increases the change of space, and forms a transitional change. The night scene effect of the scene. Scientific scenery and light need analysis and understanding, landscape lighting needs appreciation and taste, and art needs deep thinking and understanding. Landscape lighting art must pass through light and lighting in order to produce vitality of life. Lighting can change the appearance of the environment. Artistic lighting and colors form a dynamic and static landscape of light, sound and color. It also shows the miniaturization, sculpture and fashion of landscape garden lamps, which embellish the natural environment.

The neon lamp is a traditional light source, a low-pressure gas glow discharge tube with cold cathode, which has a built-in electrode with a filament. The high-voltage bombardment produces cold electron emission and excites the arc discharge, so that the gas atoms in the tube emit light by radiation. With the passage of time, the neon light technology situation has made great progress. The new vacuum technology has enhanced the accuracy and consistency of the treatment of the electron tube, and the life span has reached 10 000 h. The breakdown and operating voltage of neon lighting circuit components are very high. Because of their rich experience, neon technicians know how to install and use it safely. Choose a transformer with a lower open circuit voltage level, shorten the length of the wire as much as possible, and use high-quality insulating materials. With the advancement of neon light technology, the protection device adopts microelectronics technology to design and realize, through the microprocessor to control the brightness changes of the three primary color tubes separately, it can not only control the neon light on and off, but also perform digital dimming and color mixing, resulting in ever-changing, The colorful colors greatly enhance the rendering effect of neon lights, and improve the flexibility and higher reliability of neon lights. Neon lights are now standardized in design, manufacturing, and installation, and they also achieve the same attractive landscape effect as LEDs. Neon lights also have visual impact and artistic appeal. They use unique methods and shapes to reflect the enjoyment art of human pursuit of beauty in life. The natural or cultural landscape during the day is reproduced through moonlight, stars and lights, and the landscape effect at night is reproduced.

For home decoration, individual lamps such as neon lights can also be used in various party activities and individual exhibitions. The market demand and space are still not small. In terms of publicity, neon lights have a natural advantage because they are very eye-catching, especially in party activities. They are a very good background for shooting. Today with the development of social media, neon lights are very easy to spread, form word-of-mouth, and gain natural flow.