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If your Neon Sign purchase is over 12 months old; if you like our other Neon Sign and would like to replace it, we will send you a brand new same size Neon Sign for free. During this process, you only need to bear the shipping cost, and the product part is completely free. This is a feedback activity for old customers.

Kaisman® is the most affordable LED neon sign supplier. We are mainly engaged in high-quality handmade LED neon signs. Reasonable price, high quality, safe use and fast delivery are our advantages. We serve every customer with the enthusiasm of treating family and friends.You can take a business logo, lover's and children's names, lyrics, internet catchphrases, or even your pet's image and turn it into a neon sign!Family gatherings, weddings, children's bedrooms, game rooms, bar counters, and business places can all play to a new levelIt's time for us to light up our lives with ease



Ultra Tough Ultra Bright

There is no comparison with our led neon signs. We’re better than traditional neon signs.

100% recyclable.

No Risk Of Broken Glass. Dimmable.



Easy Installation

From start to finish our neon signs take a maximum of 5 minutes to install.

That’s how easy our installation kit makes it.

All you need to worry about is where to hang your wicked new neon sculptures.⚡️

Low Voltage Safe to Touch

Most of the energy consumed by LED neon signs is transformed into lights, and only 5% into heat. Our sign will never get hot. 

Not liking traditional glass neon signs, LED neon signs don't consume that much electricity, your bill saved!

Worldwide Shipping & Guaranteed

Dedicated, professional team works tirelessly to provide superior quality neon signs for sale.

Fast turnaround, from production to inspection On All Items.

We guarantee ALL our work for 1 year. 🔒

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